Our Mission

Our Mission

For Love & Art brings the Art Experience to those with limited mobility.  We stimulate art appreciation while empowering caregivers to love people in creative and transformative ways.  Since 2010, we’ve excelled at transforming the quality of life for seniors and hospice.

For Love & Art is in the business of healing, rejuvenating and ‘dusting’ broken spirits – even if just for a little while – through simple human love, therapeutic engagement, digital technology and the preternatural power of art.

For Love & Art brings treasures from fine museums from around the world – among the greatest works of genius the world has ever known – directly into the hearts of our communities. To hospices. To hospitals. To Senior Living. To VA Medical Centers. To family.

We showcase these museum collections in two creative ways:

In “Celebrating the Art Experience,” trained FL&A volunteers visit senior communities and showcase a particular collection on the big-screen television while actively engaging audience members to share their experience (e.g., express their thoughts and feelings) while viewing. All points of view are considered, validated, and appreciated. Through sharing of experiences, fear, loneliness, and boredom transform into Beauty, Joy, and Magic of Life for each participant. The context here is not to educate, but to uplift the quality of life psychosocially, cognitively, spiritually, and physically.

Our Virtual Museum ArtBooks contain nearly 2,000 digitized artworks compartmentalized by each museum. After being custom dedicated to donor specifications, these digital ArtBooks are endowed to hospices and used by volunteers bedside. Given that one’s experience while viewing art is comprised 20% of what’s actually there and 80% of one’s creative and fertile imagination, people tend to share about matters in their lives that are very important to them. This level of intimacy and trust between caregiver and those they serve is a necessary prerequisite for inducing meaningful end of life conversations. It supplants any fear of dying with gratitude for having lived a wonderful life.

In service to the community, we use art to “love on” people.

Our unreasonable goals are to amass an army of volunteers EAGER to visit the sick and infirm and share the Art Experience and to endow every eligible facility with Virtual Museum ArtBooks, regardless of their ability to self-fund.  Our commitment is that all people embrace beauty, joy, and magic of life through the power of art.

Philosophers claim art is the gateway to the eternal. We claim to love and art set the spirit free.

Join us, together we will bring For Love & Art to your community.