Winter Miracle, Winter Appeal

Dear Friend and Patron,

Have you ever seen a painting of a miracle during a blizzard? Here is one of my favorite works by a famous German artist. Can you see what’s happening here?

Speaking of miracles, If we raise $50,000, a prominent foundation in Dallas will match these funds and enable us to hire professional staff which is an urgent need for us at this stage of our growth and development.

For Love & Art excels at transforming the quality of life for seniors and hospice.  

In 2017:

  • We added three new museum partnerships (Russia’s State Hermitage, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, and The Frick) to total 23.
  • Donors endowed 45 Virtual Museum ArtBooks to nonprofit hospices across the country (and one in Australia), including every community of the Little Sisters of the Poor (although we’re not affiliated with LSP, we share similar missions).
  • We “Celebrated the Art Experience” with 30 senior communities once or twice a month in North Texas and Tulsa, about 400 times, delighting nearly 6,000 seniors.
  • We’ve partnered with New York Cares to bring FL&A to the Big Apple.
  • We have chapters in Tulsa, OK and the Southern Georgia Coast.
  • Chapters are in their infancy in Austin, TX and Lancaster County, PA.
  • Also, we had our debut in Sarasota recently with terrific results. We will begin a Florida “Sun Coast” Chapter this coming year.
  • We’ve achieved Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency….keeping integrity paramount!
  • For the fourth year in a row, we’re Top Rated at Great Nonprofits.

We’re proud of these accomplishments and confident that with the right management, we can establish chapters very quickly to every interested community across the country.  Why do this?

Our goal is to amass an army of volunteer caregivers who are not just willing but EAGER to visit seniors and hospice. It’s so sad to see so many lonely and fearful people in these communities, dying from a lack of will to live any longer. My friend, Madge, for example; when I come to visit once a month, I find her languishing in bed with the lights out, just waiting to die. Her heart’s broken; even though her family lives nearby and she belonged to the ‘right’ civic organizations all her life, no one comes to visit her — she says that people are just so darn busy these days!  So she curls up and waits for liberation from her prison of an aging body and personal circumstance. Sadly, her case is not unusual. Without a good quality of life, many feel that life just isn’t worth living.

Is this what we want for our communities, our families, ourselves? NO!

Using our innovative curriculum, our volunteers get the privilege of sharing the world’s great treasures with people and listen to them share their thoughts and feelings. People we visit so appreciate being able to share their stories and opinions.  See for yourself:

Shannon and Muriel’s Interview

Carmen’s Story

Claude’s Interview

Anne’s Interview

Steve’s Interview

Patricia’s Interview

Debbie’s Interview

Spirits arise from the doldrums and life’s worth living again.  Love is ever-present.  To bring this beauty and cause this joy is a triumph for our caregiving volunteers.

Click here and be assured that your contribution will make a difference in the quality of life for thousands of seniors and hospice.  Help make 2018 our banner year!  

As ever, we appreciate your serious consideration and thank you for standing for the quality of life for all people at every age.  

To celebrate art is to celebrate life!


Tulsa World, Fine Arts, high tech: Nonprofit outreach to seniors

Tulsa World, Sunday, June 26, 2016
Fine arts, high tech: Nonprofit outreach to seniors

For Love & Art Brings Museums To Those Who Can’t Get To Them
By JAMES D. WATTS JR. World Scene Writer

Thomas Doughty’s painting “Landscape with Dog” may be a relatively minor work by this
Hudson River School artist, but for Patsy Warfield, it unleashed a flood of memories.
Warfield was watching as Amy Synar, director of the Grace Hospice Foundation, demonstrated
how to use a special tablet device to view images from major museums around the country.
Synar was scrolling through selections from the Art Institute of Chicago — famous paintings
such as Edward Hopper’s “Nighthawks,” Mary Cassett’s “Young Mother,” Peter Blume’s
surrealistic “The Rock,” a still life by Raphaelle Peale — and Warfield made polite comments
about each of them.
But the sight of Doughty’s painting made Warfield reach out for the device, to pull it into her lap.
For Love & Art: Annette Skaggs (right) and Florence Schmidt laugh with Amy Synar from Grace Hospice
Foundation while looking at artwork on a digital tablet at Legend Assisted Living and Memory Care.
MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World – Matt Barnard
“Oh, let me see that one with the bird dog,” Warfield said. “We had three bird dogs. Champ was
one, I remember him. My husband was a big bird hunter, and he was always particular about his
Soon Warfield was talking about her late husband, Jack Kennamer Warfield, who served as a
Tulsa firefighter for many years, attaining the rank of district chief.
She reminisced about taking art classes as a student at Central High School, and painting
images similar to the Raphaelle Peale still-life she had just seen, and about the automobile
accident that led to her giving up her home to take up residence at Legend Senior Living, a
south Tulsa assisted living center.
“We’ve only had this device for a couple of months,” said Kristi Barnes, one of the activity
coordinators at Legend. “But every time we’ve used it, we see the same thing — people’s eyes
just light up.”
That is exactly the sort of reaction that Mark Lombard, the founder of For Love & Art, wants to
For Love & Art is a Dallas-based nonprofit organization that works to bring the experience of
visiting some of the country’s great museums to people with limited mobility, through digital
Each ArtBook contains more than 1,000 images from 19 museums, including the Metropolitan
Museum of Art in New York City, the National Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Kimbell Art
Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville,
Lombard, a former university administrator, came up with the idea of For Love & Art while
working as a volunteer for hospice centers in Dallas. He started bringing postcards he would
collect from the museums he visited and sharing them with some of the residents he would
regularly visit.
“There was a woman I met named Miss Billie, a beautiful Southern lady,” Lombard recalled.
“She was losing strength in her legs, and I thought to motivate her by saying I would take her to
the Kimbell Museum when she was able. When it became apparent that the exercises weren’t
working, I decided to bring a bit of the Kimbell to her.”
A postcard of William Merritt Chase’s “Idle Hours,” an image of women in white relaxing by a
body of water from the Amon Carter Museum, made a profound impression on Miss Billie,
Lombard said.
“She told me, ‘I wish I was right there,’ and she pointed to the figures sitting by the water,” he
said. “And for that moment, she wasn’t in this little room in Grand Prairie, Texas. She was idling
the hours away with her family by the lake. The art made that experience real. That’s when I
thought, why not bring this experience to other people who, for whatever reason, cannot go a
museum on their own?”
Since founding the company, For Love & Art has placed some 265 ArtBooks at facilities
throughout the United States.
“We even have some in Sierra Leone, Africa,” Lombard said.
About 30 of these books are in Tulsa, purchased by the Grace Hospice Foundation. The
foundation is partnering with Arts Alliance Tulsa to help expand the For Love & Art program in
Arts Alliance Tulsa will maintain and loan out the ArtBooks, including those that are on extended
loan to some Tulsa assisted living centers, such as Legend Senior Living.
“Our original intention was to have these virtual ArtBooks reach as large an audience as
possible,” Synar said. “But we kept hitting these roadblocks and had some problems getting the
message across to people about what this program is, and the benefits it can have.
“So we’re really thrilled about this partnership, because it will really help get the word out about
this program,” Synar said.
For Arts Alliance Tulsa, the For Love & Art program is also a way of helping to put Tulsa and its
visual art venues on a national platform.
“We’re working to make connections with local museums and galleries to be represented in
these books,” said Chad Oliverson, marketing director of Arts Alliance Tulsa. “Gilcrease
Museum is already on board. We’d love to see the collections of Philbrook, the Woody Guthrie
Center and others be a part of this, as it will introduce the country and the world to Tulsa’s arts
and culture in a unique way.”
AAT is also working to develop a roster of volunteers to be trained in using the ArtBooks to
serve as docents at the various venues where the books will be used, to make using the
ArtBook more of a true experience, rather than just looking at pictures.
“When you look at a piece of art,” Lombard said, “the reaction you have comes less from what
you see and more from your thoughts, emotions and memories. My goal is to provide that kind
of experience to people who don’t have easy access to art and museums and galleries, so that
they can express things that are important to them. That’s the ‘love’ part of For Love & Art.”

James D. Watts Jr. 918-581-8478



Passing the Hat For Love & Art!

Dear Patrons of For Love & Art,

Thank you for your interest in our beautiful nonprofit enterprise.  As we tell our partner museums, without your patronage, our project is just a good idea.

As you know, we use simple human love, digital technology and the extraordinary power of art to transform the quality of life for seniors, the infirm, and people in hospice since 2010.

In partnership with 22 museums beloved around the world, For Love & Art provides the perfect engagement tools to trigger conversations about life’s most important matters between caregivers and those they serve.

Through sharing love and art, fear, loneliness and boredom transform into Beauty, Joy and Magic of Life for all participants…including ourselves!

Do you know:
• For the fourth year in a row, we have a near perfect rating at Great Nonprofits?
• We are on track to double our 2016 outreach?
• We are strategically planning to expand our working model across the country, and cause a great renaissance in art, using therapeutic love as context and not education or aesthetic?
• We are being the change we want to see in the world and altering the way senior care is delivered?

Please consider supporting our good works by making a tax deductible gift during North Texas Giving day on or before midnight, Thursday Sept. 14th. Not only will your gift be 1:1 matched up to $7500, gifts of $25 or more will be partially matched by the Communities Foundation of Texas.

Just click this link to donate.

And please consider sharing this message with like-minded others. As we are fond of saying, “Art – like chocolate – is best when shared!”  Thank you for giving life to our organization!

Volunteers Jean, Binny and TAMA, the Japanese Dog!


North Texas Giving Day is Approaching and We Need Your Donations!

North Texas Giving Day is Approaching and We Need Your Donations!

Your donations mean so much to our mission. Thank you for your support!
Donate here:

Mission Statement
For Love & Art brings the Art Experience to those with limited mobility. We stimulate art appreciation while enabling professional and volunteer caregivers to love people in creative and transformative ways. Our context for art is not education or aesthetic, rather love. Primarily serving hospices, nursing homes, senior assisting living, VA Medical Centers and children’s hospitals, we bring great art and what art provides – mind, body and soul – to people at the grassroots, transforming fear, loneliness and boredom into Beauty, Joy and a genuine Celebration of Life itself! Aligned with the outreach missions of our fine partner museums (currently numbering 20), we showcase their masterpieces in both individual and group settings and engage participants to reflect, remember, and share their experience while viewing. “Sharing the Art Experience” triggers conversations that people are yearning to have. It elevates every aspect of quality of life – psychosocially, cognitively, spiritually and physically.

Agency Needs
For Love & Art needs $20,000 to underwrite our delightful “Celebrating the Art Experience” presentations to financially challenged eligible healthcare venues in North Texas . We need volunteers (Art Angels) to visit these facilities and assist professional caregivers by showcasing a particular museum collections to groups using a flatscreen TV, or to individuals using the Virtual Museum ArtBooks. Either way, our volunteers do NOT need to know about art formally; rather, be able to engage residents to share their experience while viewing art, thereby elevating their quality of life. We also need funding ($30,000) to endow 50 Virtual Museum ArtBooks to eligible North Texas nursing homes, senior centers, hospices, VA Medical Centers, hospitals (especially children’s hospitals), and similar venues. Also included is training of professional and volunteer caregivers to best engage people and elicit “the Art Experience.” We need funding ($125,000) to hire an Executive Director and assistant. To celebrate art is to celebrate life!



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You shop. Amazon gives.

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