Miss Billie’s Eulogy

It was a surprise for me to be asked by Miss Billie’s family to deliver her eulogy. I’ve recently come across it in reviewing my notes for our next phase of For Love & Art. Here’s my offering to the memory of this wonderful woman…Billie For Love and Art, Masterpiece Art

Although I didn’t come to know Miss Billie until these last few years (and believe me, I’ve heard some colorful stories), I understand she painted in her youth. Some say she was pretty good. Well, I’ve come to know Billie as a Master Artist.

For Billie, life itself was one big canvas. Using Love of the Lord as her brush and kind words and deeds as paint, she created a life of loving relationships, beauty and style, adventure, romance, dignity, and grace and compassion not just for herself, but for so many others in her life.

Among her most triumphant masterpieces are her strong and loving family…

“We’re only on this Earth but a short time, so let’s try to love one another,” and “Life is what you make it” are but two of her many gifts of wisdom to us kids. Warmed by the glow of her generous spirit, who knows how many hearts she’s gladdened over the course of her lifetime?

The last time I saw Miss Billie she never looked happier, more peaceful, nor even more beautiful. She was an American original, one of God’s great masterpieces, and will be missed hard and remembered well. May she rest in peace.


About mark.lombard

Founder and President of For Love & Art. In the summer/fall of 2010, Mark merged his passions for great art and community service (specifically, hospice volunteering) to enhance the quality of life for the homebound. "In service of community, sparkling opportunities delightfully arise." Mark has been serving as a Hospice Volunteer at Lion Hospice outside Dallas since 2005, and formerly served as Director of Admissions at Temple University School of Dentistry (now the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University) 1987-2003. Also accomplished in bridge and photography.


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  1. Yes, Billie was right, “Life is what you make it.” I tell my kids the same thing. I now have a new quote, “We’re only on this Earth but a short time, so let’s try to love one another.” I can share with my kiddos and family. Thanks Mark, once again, for being so passionate about this project and not ever giving up or “letting up”.

    I AM For Love and Art & I will continue to Share, Invite and Recommend (and to all involved, please do the same).

    Let’s get some more comments for this blog shall we 😮
    I know I’m not the only one supporting Mark & For Love and Art!

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