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Well, I did, after all, have to get my niece’s birthday present across country before Thursday, so I used the opportunity to take FLAShipping for my maiden voyage.

I went to the homepage, and entered the basic information for the package, and the site prompted me to register myself onto Joeshipping, and I did so.  I was taken to the Joeshipping homepage, and noticed the scroll at the top listing participating charities.  I scrolled to “For Love & Art,” entered sender address and recipient address, answered a few questions (probably more than I needed–take note of what’s “optional” and what’s not), inputted my credit card info, and printed out a page with sender address, recipient address, and postage that was significantly reduced from the standard shipping cost.  All of this took me about 8 minutes to complete.  Now that I’m registered, I expect future transactions to take only 5 or 6 minutes–maybe even less if my current info is stored.

I did not have to address my package separately (d’oh!), as it was already printed on this paper!  I took it to my local FedEx, and the employee applauded my using FedEx to benefit a charity (which was rather unexpected).  Our interaction lasted about 15 seconds. is an awesome service and, frankly, fun to use.  I encourage you to use it and share about it with friends, associates, and family.  Thanks so much to Grant Terrific for co-opting them in our mission!


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Founder and President of For Love & Art. In the summer/fall of 2010, Mark merged his passions for great art and community service (specifically, hospice volunteering) to enhance the quality of life for the homebound. "In service of community, sparkling opportunities delightfully arise." Mark has been serving as a Hospice Volunteer at Lion Hospice outside Dallas since 2005, and formerly served as Director of Admissions at Temple University School of Dentistry (now the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University) 1987-2003. Also accomplished in bridge and photography.

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