Breakthrough! New ArtBooks! New Adventures! New Stories!

I saw a painting at The Kimbell at a special exhibit not too long ago that featured a work by Rousseau that took him 24 years to paint….

Now at long last, and thanks to the concentrated causal collaboration of For Love & Art‘s CTO Mark Ross and Digital Foci’s Charles Huang, a breakthrough in digital firmware technology allowed for new ArtBooks to be manufactured, produced, and shipped to folks who have been waiting quite a while.  This quantum leap in technology must surely be worth the wait; indeed, the vividness of the artworks is superb!

Still, we must humbly apologize for the delay and express gratitude for our patron’s patience, and confidently claim victory in that these technological issues have been surmounted once and for all.

Special acknowledgement to The Illinois Sons of The American Legion, who have seen fit to endow each VA Medical Center in The Land of Lincoln with their own digital ArtBook!

Showing gratitude to veterans for their service to their country.

Showing gratitude to veterans for their service to their country.

IMG_2800Other digital ArtBooks have been sent to Blough Healthcare in Bethlehem, PA, Cadia Rehabilitation in Middletown, DE, Trinity Senior Living Centers in Livonia, MI and to VITAS Innovative Hospice Care in Irving.  These were endowed through the generosity of Integrity Staffing Solutions as part of last summer’s The Integrity Challenge for Love & Art.

IMG_2803IMG_2806IMG_2809Kyle ElliottVA Medical Centers and auxillaries received their ArtBooks from Veterans For Love & Art;  Shining a Light on Volunteers.  We thank our sponsors TCIDA, Owner Home Finance, and Integrity Staffing Solutions for underwriting these books bound for veterans and those in service to them.














For all recipients of the ArtBooks, please share your stories of how this tool enhances the quality of life for your community, and we will share them with the world!

Please remember that without donations, For Love & Art is just a good idea.  Will you endow an ArtBook today?


About mark.lombard

Founder and President of For Love & Art. In the summer/fall of 2010, Mark merged his passions for great art and community service (specifically, hospice volunteering) to enhance the quality of life for the homebound. "In service of community, sparkling opportunities delightfully arise." Mark has been serving as a Hospice Volunteer at Lion Hospice outside Dallas since 2005, and formerly served as Director of Admissions at Temple University School of Dentistry (now the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University) 1987-2003. Also accomplished in bridge and photography.


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